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Blow your imagination and see if you want to see, one of the heaviest diamonds of all periods, the largest mud city on the earth, the remains of one of the oldest civilizations of the history besides the biggest city square of the world, all together just in 11 days?! If so, don’t hesitate to read this offer…

1st Tour: Bird Watching Tour Package

In spring and summer, breeding birds are mainly in Iran, and in 10 days in northwest you can see Ghoorigol marsh, urmieh lake and marshes around Urmieh like:

  • 1 day in Ghoorigol: Podicipedidae, Rallidae, Anatidae
  • 4 days in Islans on Urmieh lake: Laridae, Pelecanidaae, Ardeidae, Tadorna Tadorna.
  • 1 day in marshes around Urmieh lake like Qareh Qeshlagh marsh: Sterna sp, Waders
  • 3 days in Arasbaran protected area: Accipteridae and Passeriformes
  • 1 day in Near lake in Ardebil: Anatidae, Waders

1 day in Ghoorigol: Podicipedidiae, Rallidae, Anatidae

4 days in Islans on Urmieh lake: Laridae, Pelecanidaae, Ardeidae, Tadorna Tadorna.
1 day in marshes around Urmieh lake like Qareh Qeshlagh marsh: Sterna sp, Waders
3 days in Arasbaran protected area:Accipteridae and Passeriformes
1 day in Neor lake in Ardebil: Anatidae, Waders

2nd Tour: Bird Watching Travel Package

In northern provinces (Gillan and Mazandaran) a 10 days itinerary is suitable for seeing:

  • 1 day in Estil-e-Abbas Abad: Phalacroracidae
  • 2 days in Anzali marsh: Breeding Areidae and Sterna sp
  • 1 day in Miankaleh marsh: Rallidae
  • 1 day in Amir Kelayeh marsh: Sterna sp
  • 5 days in Golestan National Park

3rd Tour: Bird Watching Trip Package

In southern provinces of Iran like Fars, in a 10 days program in Parishan, Bakhtegan, Arjan and Haftbarm marshes you can see:

  • 7 days for: Pelecanus crispus, Ardeidae, Sylvidae, some species of Waders Phasianidae family like Alecktoris chokar, Francolinus Fancolinus and etc.
  • 3 days in Bamoo National Park: You can see Capra aegagurs, Ovis amon and in Miankotal you can see Dama mesopotamiea.

4th Tour: Bird Watching Vacation Package

A 10-day bird-watching tour of Persian Gulf can be included the islands like Qeshm,Lavan and Shidvar to visit Ardeidae and Laridae.
You will also visit Bandar e Abbas and Bushehr ,two coastal cities with mangrove forest in their seashore which are good places to see Ardeola grayii there.

5th Tour: Bird Watching Tour Package

For your fall and winter we offer you to come and visit the passage immigrants birds either in the North of Iran like in Anzali , Miankaleh, and Amir Kelayeh Lagoons, Caspian sea coasts and etc.
Or in the south like Bakhtegan and Arjan in Fars; Mond, Holleh and Bayband in Booshehr and Hamoon marsh in Sistan.
Precise itinerary would depend on the weather condition, so we hope to hear from you early enough.


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Fantastic, I’m totally blown away by Reveling Persia.


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Our 10 day trip was booked through Revealing Persia; Visa was hassle free, we received the confirmation through email and had our visa issued at the Iranian Consulate in Shanghai as we didn't want to take chances for visa on arrival. Everything was well organized. We did hotel research and the agency also made their recommendations. The hotels we stayed in were all excellent, gorgeous Persian feel to everything! If you are planning a trip, make sure you book well ahead for hotels as we heard during the trip that most hotels are running full during busy season due to hotel shortages.

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