Women's Dress Code in Iran (Tips and Advise):

In most private residences, women can dress in normal western clothes. However, in public, Islamiccovering of the body and hair is mandatory. This consists of a "rupush" (a long-sleeved, non-form fitting coatthat resembles a raincoat) and a headscarf covering the hair, ears and neck. This outfit must be worn all yeararound regardless of the temperature. Scarves should be large enough to cover the head and tie under thechin. They should be of a non-slip material, generally cotton. Usually more tolerance tends to be showntowards foreigners over the detail of the dress code than is the case for Iranian women. However, this does notinclude leaving one’s hair uncovered under any circumstance. "Acceptable" outfits may include a long, loosedress or shirt worn over loose skirt or pants and a scarf in the summer, and a full-length woolen coat and scarfin the winter (calf-length is acceptable if worn over pants). All colors and modest designs are generallyacceptable, though it is best to stay away from particularly loud colors. Even when undertaking sporting activityin public (such as tennis or jogging), the dress code described above must be maintained.

Men's Dress Code in Iran (Tips and Advise):

Dress attire for men is similar to that in Europe. However, visitors should note that shorts should not beworn outside the house and garden. Short sleeved shirts used to be frowned upon, but are much moreacceptable lately. They should be avoided if visiting one of the more conservative government bodies. Ties areacceptable although worn rarely by Iranian men since the revolution. Government officials never sport a tie.Jogging in tracksuits (but not shorts) is acceptable for men.

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